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Mokshya provides open-source and customizable smart contract libraries, SDKs, and developer tools. We're the largest open-source contributor on the chain.

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Developers are the heart of our Ecosystem. We contribute to open-source while building developer tools and products.

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Why Mokshya?

Why Open Source?


Learn technology faster through hands-on experience with new technologies with open-source solutions.


Benefit from a large and diverse user community that can test and improve the software through continuous feedback and contributions.


Foster innovation by allowing developers to build on each other's work and collaborate on new ideas.


Scale and become interoperable with different systems and technologies with open-source tools.

tools to help you build your vision

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powered by mokshya //


Wapal: No Code NFT Creator Studio

No-code Creator Studio
Wapal's in-built tooling allows creators to convert images into meta-data and hash lists and mint on Aptos without any coding requirements.
On-chain Randomness
What's the point of a mint if it's not random? Wapal uses pseudo-random generator to enable minting randomly and thus prevent attackers from predicting and minting all the rare NFTs.
Cost Effective
Wapal decreases the cost of launching NFT Collection on Aptos significantly by helping reduce the Gas Costs. Content about decreasing the cost by [Number]%
Unlimited Storage for NFTs
Wapal will directly enable unlimited permanent storage of NFTs in Arweave through payment in APT.
Open-Source & Secure
Wapal is powered by Mokshya Protocol's NFT Mint Candy Machine Smart Contract. Since it's open source, it's transparent and secure. The smart contract will be soon audited by a top security firm.

built WIth mokshya

Aptos Warcade

Our aim is to enable onboarding of the next 10,000+ web3 projects.

Mokshya is an open-source protocol building Smart Contacts, SDKs, Infra, and Products on Aptos Blockchain.

We're a group of hustlers, tech nerds, and social misfits with a common mission. After working and building for others for years, we decided to form Mokshya with the aim of liberating developers as an open-source DAO.

Mokshya is a Sanskrit term that means liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth.

The Movers and Shakers

Subash Gautam
Ajay Gautam


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Liberating Developers

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